Markets are conversations. However, in the medial and social jungle of everyday communication, more is required than the simple delivery of information. The goal is to penetrate target groups, to be in demand by them, and to active them as a support network.


Our consultancy has a clear mission: the strategic and communicative positioning of our clients as partners and allies within their respective spheres. Our unique selling point: We won’t tell you what you should tell others. Together with you, we’ll develop your story and implement it in the relevant internal and external channels.

An Identity for Your Business

We understand identity to be the “where” and “why” of a company, its business dealings, and its products. It is the underlying, inner foundation as well as the “body” of your business. As a promise, an identity becomes discernable and authentic only through implementation into practice. Together, we’ll develop a strategic concept that communicates the identity of your company effectively and efficiently.


In the digital age, the success of your messages or goals is crucially dependent on the form and content of your story and how you tell it to the public. You must be credible and authentic, but also exciting and unique. Together, we’ll develop your story: We don’t conceal mistakes – scars are authentic – rather, we’ll narrate your account with you, revealing the positive, credible, and sustainable, both internally and externally. It wishes to and will be heard.

Strategic Communication

In order to successfully compete against competition in the current market, it’s no longer enough to focus on the promise of performance of your own products. Companies and organizations must position themselves as emotional, credible, and media-effective partners and allies to their customers and clients. Together, we’ll develop tailor-made and sustainable concepts that result in clear, consistent, and effective internal and external communication.

Diversity Leadership

Europe’s executives agree: the sustainable success of a company is closely linked to diversity in practice. However, female leadership and diversity are severely underrepresented in boardrooms and management structures.
This is where we come in. Our Diversity Leadership Program supports companies in making diversity and female leadership the key to success. Together we’ll develop tailor-made solutions.