What do we stand for? How believable is our story? And how do we create a clearly communicated situation in which people want to accompany our clients without persuasion?


Claude Turmes
Member of the European Parliament

For Christian Stahl, media coaching and consulting is not just a profession – it’s a calling. He lives it with body and soul, so it is always a pleasure to work with him. For more than ten years, Christian Stahl has been providing me with competent and reliable advice in the field of political communication. His input is valuable to me when it comes to bringing people closer to European politics, a challenge that I do not want to underestimate and which I will continue to tackle with him in the future.

Margarete Bause
Bavarian Bundestag candidate for the Green Party, Initiator of the Inquiry Commission on “Integration” of the State of Bavaria.

“I really enjoy working with Christian Stahl: He’s not the type of person who imposes a “by the book” approach, instead he looks closely: “What suits me? What will improve my effectiveness?” Christian Stahl encourages you and doesn’t let any inconsistencies slip through. When someone asks me: “Do you have a good coach you can recommend?” Then exactly one name comes to mind: Christian Stahl.

Gunther Müller
Spokesman of the Executive Board of Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG

Together with Stahlmedien, we got to the heart of Vattenfall Wärme Berlin’s approach. At the end of the creative self-discovery process, each area understood its position as part of the whole. We would like to thank Stahlmedien for the sustainable communication concepts that have decisively supported the process of change within the company.

Dr. Alexander Jockisch
Vice President Business Development and Marketing, Benecke-Kaliko AG

“During my media training, I value the strong focus on practical implementation and the high level of professionalism. The Stahlmedien program has been individually tailored to me and offers a new mix of shared knowledge, direct application, and continuous feedback every time.”

Dr. Ansgar Mayer
Media Manager

If you want to take digital transformation seriously, you have to begin with yourself. And anyone seeking to bring others along with them has to be able to inspire them. Christian Stahl is the ideal partner to accompany you on this journey. I value his work from our numerous collaborative projects, for which he’s been on board as a coach and creative sparring partner. With only five percent of Christian Stahl’s energy, you’ll easily get through any difficult time.

Dr. Petra Mayer
Vice President Quality ZF TRW

I can only recommend Mr. Stahl’s coaching. My strengths were clearly worked out and through both extremely constructive and absolutely professional advice – even in between coaching days –  they’ve continuously improved. Many thanks!



Awarded work


“In the Gangs of Neukölln” selected by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as Book of the Year.


German Federal President Innovation Prize, “Germany. Land of Ideas,” for Sagwas, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung debate portal, founded by Christian Stahl

European Newspaper Award (online) 2012 for zoom-berlin.com

First prize documentary at the 38th International Film Weekend Würzburg


achtung berlin – new berlin film award with “Gangsterläufer”

Max Ophüls Filmfestival with “Gangsterläufer


Grimme Online Award for “littleberlin.de”