The essence of discourse, as Aristotle wrote in Rhetoric, is not to attempt to convince, rather it is to “examine what is believable in things.” We view our training program as an extension of Aristotle’s treatise for the 21st century.

The Stahlmedien Training

The world we live in is essentially made up of stories. They are transmitted, experienced, media-mediated, political, personal, invented, or found stories that want to be told. With us, you’ll learn what connects storytelling and rhetoric, and how you can professionalize your performance through this methodology.

Communication Training

Whether at a board meeting, during an election campaign, on a TV talk show, at an employee meeting, or in parliament – we offer you the communication techniques to increase your self-confidence and professionalism in public. We’ll train you in the art of speaking without notes, interactive presentations, and together we’ll develop a strategy that suits both your personal and your business and political goals.

Personal Branding

In our personal branding program for executives, we’ll work together to newly define your performance: We’ll optimize your role, leadership, and presence. This will include practical exercises and applications, ranging from brief interventions during conflicts to communication challenges. Through these methods, we’ll align your performance with the goals of your business.


Our leadership training offers executives intensive, hand-on training in management, communication, and strategic thinking. The program incorporates theoretical situations with practical exercises focused on key competencies and challenges related to public communication and leadership in an era of digitalization and globalization.

TV and Election Campaign Training

We’ll teach you the art of speaking freely: under real-world conditions, we’ll work through a wide variety of scenarios with you – from election campaigns and talk shows to panel discussions and debates – and, together with you, define your role, personality, and attitude. Furthermore, we’ll work intensively on your nonverbal communication and optimize your messages and presence through appropriate posture, facial expressions, and gestures. In addition to nonverbal communication and speech training, TV and Election Campaign training also includes acting lessons as well as fitness and body awareness training.