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HR and communications consultancy from Berlin

Our consultancy has a clear mission: to position our clients as thought leaders and allies in their environment – even and especially when it seems impossible. Are you looking for honest sparring partners who can provide you with very personal support for a difficult project? This is exactly our specialty.

We have been advising and coaching clients from Berlin to Brussels, from Warsaw and Kyiv to Ramallah and Beirut for more than 15 years. CEOs, top politicians, opinion leaders and their organizations and teams.

Our values

No matter how technologized and digitalized we are as a society: It’s always about people – and people love stories. We love people and their stories. We know how to get your project across so that people are interested and want to follow you. We turn facts, figures and data into stories.
We are not traditional consultants, but creative people. We come from theater, film and various humanities backgrounds and have an international team from Kyiv, Ramallah and Beirut to Luxembourg. We are an interdisciplinary and intercultural team that encourages a change of perspective. We turn hidden talents into real strengths.
We are a consulting boutique and do not suit everyone. Values and attitude must be right. But if If we suit you and you suit us, then you are not just our next project – you are our passion.

We make personalities out of people.
We work from the deep conviction and inner attitude that meaning and values make you happy and successful. That’s why we work with philosophy and “old” knowledge and always get to the heart of things.

We turn ideas into movements.

About us

Our team is interdisciplinary, multicultural and unconventional. In addition to working on our client projects, we are also on stage, in film sets, media interviews and at marathons. And you? We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Geller
Operations & Strategy

Our chief strategist and walking encyclopedia. Can do both numbers and Mesopotamian mythology.

His favorite topics:
Promotion of democracy, mobility



Jessica Jorgas

Consultant & Coach

Our expert for digital communication and Franconian cheerfulness.
Feels at home on every stage in the world – whether concert hall or boardroom.

Her favorite topics:
Performance & Presence, Female Leadership



Furthermore: gretchensantwort.de

2023-06_B_37794 Kopie 2

Christian Stahl

Cosultant & Coach

Our founder and CEO. Left-handed and Rhinelander with the ability to develop accurate messages in seconds.

His favorite topics:
Emotional messaging, self-management



Futhermore: christianstahl.de


Steffi Klein

Consultant & Coach

Our heart with an eye for detail. Discovers every missing piece at first glance: both in concepts and in the support of coachees.

Her favorite topics:
Female leadership, personal development



Furthermore: gretchensantwort.de


Marharyta Tarakhtii

Project Management

Our esthetician, who can also organize. Ukrainian soul and European spirit. Also a trained prima ballerina.

Her favorite topics:
Networking & Community Building




Jan Philipp Beil

Project Management &

Our research wonder and golden boy. Whatever he touches turns to gold. Whether it’s a five-course meal, financial plans or bookkeeping. He also runs marathons.

His favorite topics:
Strategy & sustainability



Maike Bartsch

Project Management

Organizational wonder, globetrotter & professional sport horse rider. With us, she takes care of the perfect coordination of training & events.

Her favorite topics:
Planning, organization and networking




Salou Bartsch

Office Dog

Our Feel Good Manager and dog to recharge your batteries. Has cured everyone’s fear of dogs.

His favorite topics:
Walking, being stroked


Stahlmedien is part of an international group of companies with teams in Lebanon, Luxembourg and Ukraine. We work on your projects in an interdisciplinary and networked manner and put together our teams to suit your individual needs.


Southpaw has been advising and training Luxembourg companies and ministries in leadership and communication since 2021.


european leadership and debate academy

elda has been empowering a new generation of young, responsible citizens with funding from the Federal Foreign Office since 2014. Elda offers an innovative learning atmosphere and trains leadership and communication skills with young leaders from politics, media, business and civil society.


2021 Winner of the “Impact of Diversity Award” 2021 with the Female Leadership Program “#EinfachMachen. The Female Leadership Program of Berliner Wasserbetriebe”

2020 “Place of the Future” award for our training format “Arguing with the New Rights”, Forum of the Federal Government’s Cultural and Creative Industries

2018 “Future, cohesion, good life” campaign named best campaign by Luxemburger Wort in the Luxembourg 2018 election campaign

2012 Innovation Award “Germany – Land of Ideas” from the German Federal President for the debate portal “Say something!”.

2010 Grimme Online Award for “little.berlin”

Customer testimonials

Jessica Jorgas

Communication and
Leadership Consultant

We are experts on good stories and (hidden) talents. For more than 15 years, we have been advising and training managers, talents, teams and initiatives from business and politics using our own method. From Berlin to Brussels, from Kyiv and Warsaw to Ramallah and Beirut.

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