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Authentic leadership motivates employees

A third of German employees consider resigning – because they are dissatisfied with their boss. Even half of all employees in Germany are so demotivated that they have already resigned internally.

Yet poor leadership costs the German economy 122 billion euros a year. Positively speaking: Modern leadership behavior that motivates and values employees has invaluable potential to lead teams and companies to success. So how can leadership be practised in our changed working world in times of digitalization, skills shortages and global crises?

The good news:
Good leadership can be learned

With our training courses and leadership academies, we create space for exchange and training so that middle management, team leaders and high potentials can discover and develop their leadership potential. Because we are convinced that weaknesses are actually hidden strengths.

  • Self-leadership: My leadership values
  • Emotional competence
  • Conducting difficult employee appraisals
  • Motivating employees
  • Clarity about my leadership role
  • Moderating meetings
  • Learning situational leadership
  • Navigating teams through change
  • Exploiting team potential

Female Leadership

The path to management positions is still particularly difficult for women: in 2022, Germany is still far behind the international average with only 28.9% of women in management positions. They often lack role models, the necessary structures and the self-confidence to take the next step in their career.

Many companies are now even legally obliged to increase the proportion of women in management. However, especially in technical fields, companies complain that too few women apply for vacancies.

This is exactly where our Female Leadership Academy comes in: Empowering women from the inside out, expanding their network and giving them strategies for shaping their own careers so that they can apply for the next vacancy – and get the job!

Case Study

Berlin water companies

#MakeItSimple Female Leadership Academy

Our female leadership program for Berliner Wasserbetriebe, which received the “Impact of Diversity” award, empowered 45 female specialists and managers from all areas of BWB’s organization through tailored training in self-leadership, personal branding, communication and networking meetings.

Program schedule
18 Months | 45 participants | 3 Masterpieces

Kick Off | 6 content modules (1-2 days) on the topics of self-leadership, leadership values & leadership roles, leadership personality & attitude, effective communication, performance & presence, mastering conflicts, employer empowerment, career opportunities | Kick Out 2 individual development meetings & optional coaching contingent Support for the “Masterpiece” practical project Supporting mentoring program
The Impact
Participants who have decided on a doctoral position, Master’s or technician training and have applied for management positions.

Gender Inclusion Award the „Impact of Diversity Awards“ 2021

Due to the success of the program, a second program for another three groups began in 2023.
Steffi Klein

Communication and
Leadership Consultant

We are experts on good stories and (hidden) talents. For more than 15 years, we have been advising and training managers, talents, teams and initiatives from business and politics using our own method. From Berlin to Brussels, from Kyiv and Warsaw to Ramallah and Beirut.

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