Retaining talent

Everyone wants change.
The main thing is that nothing changes.

Retaining employees despite change and crisis

Companies are currently under particularly strong pressure to transform: digitalization and working from home are changing the world of work, demographic change and the climate crisis are demanding new ideas, the “war of talent” and generational conflict are forcing traditional companies in particular to turn 180 degrees in a very short space of time.

There are many reasons for a change. However, change management is rarely really successful. Especially when you consider that 30% of employees in Germany leave the company during a transformation. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, this is a dangerously high figure.

We call it Attitude:
A strong identity as the basis

So one thing is clear: anyone who sets out on the path to change must expect a lot of headwind. However, in our experience, in order for “one should” to really become a real change – and above all an improvement – the meaning and necessity of the change must be internalized and communicated again and again. Because only a clear role model with a practiced attitude, a clear identity, creates imitation in the team. We work with you to clarify your values, hone your emotional skills and provide you with tools to motivate and retain employees in difficult times.
  • Self-leadership: My leadership values Emotional competence
  • Conducting difficult employee appraisals
  • Motivating employees
  • Clarity about my leadership role
  • Moderating meetings
  • Navigating teams through change
  • Recognizing and exploiting team potential


The basis of every (entrepreneurial) success is the realization that only those who have a philosophy can become truly successful. We are convinced that the “ancient knowledge” of Confucius, Aristotle and others makes a real difference. That’s why we use input from ancient philosophy in our training courses and seminars and encourage self-reflection with exercises.

Self-awareness is an essential step on the way to a positive leadership culture. Those who know their own “weaknesses” and know how to use them, who recognize which patterns they repeatedly experience and how they can get out of them. Only those who recognize that the team is always a mirror of the manager and who can lead themselves will also be able to lead others.

Confucius proceeds layer by layer in the writing attributed to him, “DAXUE – The Great Learning”. He shows the path to change as a gradual work on personality – consciousness – thoughts – cognition – towards a change in reality, which in turn is carried outwards via cognition – thoughts – consciousness – personality.

Sounds complicated? We always say: it’s a bit like digging for gold or cutting a diamond, because we all have the ability to change reality and thus bring about positive change. We use practical exercises to show you how.

Case Study

HRS Luxembourg

A new corporate culture

The challenge

As a result of a media crisis, Luxembourg’s largest hospital was faced with a new start in terms of personnel: both the Board of Directors and the management were to be replaced. In addition, since the merger of competing hospitals, there was a silo mentality and little sense of togetherness, which made cooperation difficult.

Our solution

Support and advice for the management level (Board of Directors and Executive Board, as well as top management) with seminars, individual coaching and moderation of team meetings. Development of leadership values and values for the company. Conducting interviews with all key internal and external stakeholders. Conception of an attitude based on the values, writing a story and developing a change agent concept for training cultural ambassadors.

The Impact
  • Cooperation of the management as a team, functioning meeting structure
  • Promoting cohesion through shared values and implementation measures
  • Innovative communication formats to anchor the values (video & story)
Jessica Jorgas

Communication and
Leadership Consultant und
Creative Director

We are experts on good stories and (hidden) talents. For more than 15 years, we have been advising and training managers, talents, teams and initiatives from business and politics using our own method. From Berlin to Brussels, from Kyiv and Warsaw to Ramallah and Beirut.

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