With method, values and strategy

With us, you won't get one step ahead - but to the top

Our approach to HR and communications consulting

We have developed our own method based on hundreds of training sessions and feedback from over 1000 participants: it is a holistic mix of ancient philosophy, modern communication theories and knowledge from leadership and personal development combined with practical techniques from journalism and the stage.

We have found that whether you are planning the next step in your career, want to implement your own project or want to professionalize your public image – you always have to take three steps. With our free strategy tool – the Stahl Pyramid – you can get started today:

We always say: It all starts with the end. A clear goal has the power to motivate even in the most difficult situations. We train you in dealing with difficult situations and give you practical tools to help you reach your goal with confidence.

People love stories. A good story turns individual parts into a whole, emotionalizes and mobilizes. We shape your path with you and together we create a narrative that is so powerful that others will voluntarily accompany you.
The foundation. The “where from?” of every action and appearance. The identity is a living example and a promise kept that brings meaning and credibility. We work with you to develop your attitude based on your values, personality and emotions.

Our manifesto: human-based and exceptional


No matter how technologized and digitalized we are: In the end, it’s always about taking people with us. And people love stories and need emotions. We know our way around: Our solutions are human-based.

Think from the end

It all starts with the ending: No story without a grand finale. Because that’s what you’ll remember! We think from the end so that you really get where you want to go.

Examining contrasts instead of convincing

We are convinced that they are not meant to convince. It is much more powerful to examine what is credible about things (says Aristotle). That means taking contras seriously. We show you how.


We are creative people from the worlds of film, theater, singing and journalism. We are not traditional consultants. Our training and advisory services appeal to the senses, open eyes and are fun.

With heart and attitude

Success comes to those who have a philosophy. We firmly believe that companies and people function better with values and purpose. We always think in terms of ideals – sometimes more than our customers. But: For us, you are not simply our next project. You are our passion.

Beautiful failure

Only those who look into the abyss can become a hero. The mythologist Joseph Campbell said: “The cave you fear most holds the treasure you seek.” Goosebumps? We always think about failure and know that weaknesses are hidden strengths. You just have to handle them properly.

With heart and attitude: our formats

We advise and train in strategic, political and internal communication because good, valuable communication is important to us. We develop workshops and seminars, inputs and processes relating to values-based leadership, leadership identity and personality development. We create and implement change processes with large companies and are particularly committed to female leadership, diversity and a healthy corporate culture. We develop communication and campaign concepts and ideas, create new discussion formats and moderate events.

Investigate instead of convince

Our customers are as diverse as we are. They come from the healthcare sector, ministries, critical infrastructure, political parties and NGOs. What moves them also moves us.

Their topics are often unwieldy and difficult to communicate. But from our experience we don’t think it’s arrogant to say: with our method you can get even the most difficult message across in a confident and engaging way.

We work as a network

We think as a network and put together our team of experienced experts to suit each individual project. They come from: