Storytelling for internal and external communication

A story is not everything.
But without them, nothing is possible.

Improving internal and external communication with storytelling

TikTok, Teams, WhatsApp and Zoom. Slack, SharePoint, Mail, Instagram and X.

Our communication landscape today – especially in the digital world – is completely overloaded. But: our attention is a scarce commodity, because unfortunately the attention span of a human being is even shorter than that of a goldfish. Namely at 7 seconds. (Congratulations if you have read this far)

So how do we get our offers and ideas across? How do we reach the right people and make them want to follow us and our project?

How do we motivate them to do the right thing? How do we convince others without being annoying?

People love a good story

We are convinced that whether it’s a new business segment, campaign, media presence or cultural change – everything is based on the right storytelling. In the digital age, it is more important than ever what people hear and not what we want to say.

In the 21st century, the most successful people are those who can gain followers for their project. Those who are convincing, who are involved and who create majorities. Those who turn ideas into movements. And above all, those who communicate emotionally and effectively.

With our story process, we take critics on board right from the start and create clear messages, a strategy and suitable formats.
  • Definition of strategic guard rails
  • Identification of tripping hazards
  • Background discussions
  • Posture, story & message development
  • Creation of a communication strategy incl. suitable channels and formats


A good story turns individual parts into a whole, emotionalizes and mobilizes. It is a value-based and community-building narrative with the clear aim of creating a situation in which people enjoy talking to each other: Powerful, contemporary and comprehensive.

Did you know that we humans love stories? Have you ever read a phone book? No? But surely a book. Well, you know what we’re getting at… And we go one step further: we say that humans are so successful compared to apes, for example, because we have the ability to tell stories and believe them. So says bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari. And he is right. Or why do you drive a Mercedes Benz or have an iPhone? Because they believe the story behind it and buy it.

We humans love stories because they touch our innermost being. Because they reflect how we think and reflect our own lives. Or why are stories structured in the same way in all cultures around the world?

Do you want to write a story that will take others with you? We’ll show you.

Case Study

Alliance of the BDI with parliamentary groups

Campaign #SheTransformsIT

The challenge
More women in tech: while there are already many voices calling for this, real results are rare. The new initiative by inter-party members of the German Federal Parliament with representatives from industry aims to initiate real change. To do this, they needed an identity and a clear message that addresses the many interests, perspectives and challenges of the various target groups.
Our solution
A campaign that focuses on visibility: More women mean more profit and innovation. The branding as well as the communication, design and content strategy are based on this. The network as a lever: Stakeholder engagement & multiplication of the campaign through the network. Providing those involved with individual material and thus strengthening the campaign on Instagram, LinkedIn and the channels of supporters.
The Impact
Fully realized online presence within one month 7 million reach through the campaign Reviewed in Süddeutsche Zeitung, Handelsblatt etc. Presentation at the German government’s digital summit.
Jessica Jorgas

Communication and
Leadership Consultant und
Creative Director

We are experts on good stories and (hidden) talents. For more than 15 years, we have been advising and training managers, talents, teams and initiatives from business and politics using our own method. From Berlin to Brussels, from Kyiv and Warsaw to Ramallah and Beirut.

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