Crisis communication

A crisis rarely comes alone - and starts much earlier than we think.

Internal and external crisis communication
needs a strong message

Inflation, wars of aggression, epidemics, climate crisis. In addition to the major social crises in which we find ourselves, the list could go on with the crises in which companies currently find themselves: Transformation pressure, skills shortage, digitalization fatigue, generational conflict.

Just then, in the greatest tension, it happens: a conflict in the team escalates, the media is at the door, the system is hacked. And you are right in the middle of it all – in preparation and reaction mode.

We install a crisis airbag system

This is precisely when it is important to act quickly and prudently at the same time. Because crises always happen in the same way, they have a clear dramaturgy. The good thing is: You often still have many options to actively manage a crisis and, above all, to emerge from it unscathed. We support you in the event of an emergency – but preferably beforehand:

To prevent you from slipping into the next crisis in the first place, we work with you to install a crisis airbag system consisting of clear messages, training and stress-tested processes.

  • Ad-hoc consulting
  • Development of crisis messages
  • Crisis communication
  • Training for media and communication emergencies
  • War Room: Stress Test Game
  • Conflict management & dispute culture training

Arguing with the New rights

They talk and talk, mix facts with fakes or, conversely, elevate the individual case to the rule. They insult the media and construct blanket images of the enemy, they quote “the people” and stir up hatred, they reach deep into the bag of tricks of rhetorical propaganda, insult and shout down others. If necessary, they can always take refuge in the role of victim. They are populists and the so-called New Right. The result: The AfD currently has a 27.9% share in Saxony and 18.4% in Hesse. The new right-wingers are successful and extremely dangerous for our democracy. A real social crisis that threatens to escalate.

How can we counter their populism without becoming populist ourselves? And without making their outrage discourse even bigger?

We deal with these questions in our program “Arguing with the new Right” for members of the German Federal Parliament or state parliaments, students and teachers, as well as activists and NGOs, which has been awarded by the Initiative for Cultural & Creative Industries of the Federal Government. We analyze your methods together and work very practically and interactively on democratic storytelling, argumentation techniques and emotional messaging.

As of 11/23 Source: Federal Statistical Office

Case Study

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Luxembourg’s largest hospital experienced a media shitstorm of national proportions in January 2021. Daily media coverage, personal hostility, even in the private sphere, and hate speech on social media shook the hospital, which was already under extreme pressure due to the epidemic. As a result, the hospital’s managing director resigned and the board of directors changed.

Our solution In a workshop, we first reflected on the course of the crisis. We subsequently established an ad-hoc communication channel with the management and communications department and developed crisis messages, and accompanied the personnel realignment with regular update calls and joint workshops in order to build a strong and crisis-proof management team.

Impact Taking up the messages developed in the media Averting the next impending media crisis through targeted message and narrative development Joint and coordinated communication of the management team.
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