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Meeting the skills shortage,
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Around half a million jobs are currently vacant in Germany. And the trend is rising: demographic change will intensify this trend in the coming years when the Baby Boomer generation retires.
In IT, medicine and teaching professions in particular, there is a shortage of skilled workers everywhere. With a new law and package of measures, the German government wants to counteract the shortage of skilled workers, primarily by facilitating immigration.
At the same time, the German economy has also come to realize that diverse teams are more successful. The need for qualified, multi-perspective personnel is therefore enormous.

Source: Bundesagentur für Arbeit, 2023.

We are revolutionizing the recruiting culture in Germany.

With our mix of Recruiting, Strategy & Talent Academy, we find highly competent and “hidden” talents from Ukraine and the Mediterranean region.

We offer classic recruiting in a still undiscovered area: the hidden talents. Through our network in Eastern Europe and the Middle East in particular, we, for example, discover and place Ukrainian IT talent for the German labor market.

We advise successfully throughout Europe when it comes to recruiting strategies, diversity, corporate training or HR training.
  • Hand-picked talents
  • More diversity and female talent
  • Greater commitment even before recruitment
  • Low-risk recruitment process
  • Customized training

Female Talent Academy

The Female Talent Academy quickly trains Ukrainian talent for German tech companies. The participants are between 20 and 45 years old, Ukrainian citizens and live in Germany. You have a basic knowledge of and interest in IT and are highly motivated to familiarize yourself with a new field of work. They are self-organized and well-trained in other fields, but do not yet have sufficient experience and knowledge in the IT sector to be placed directly. They are our “hidden talents” and receive training in hard and soft skills at the Academy.

In our matching process, we first determine the applicants’ areas of development and then match them with the needs of German companies. The companies take on “sponsorships” for the Hidden Talents. This enables them to learn the IT skills they need in a short space of time in targeted training modules at our partner organizations. If required, we also offer German lessons (level B1). We also support the participants with career advice, communication and leadership training and networking opportunities. This gives the talents a deep insight into German corporate culture even before they start working for the company. In this way, we ensure that they fit the job and stay – because they know in advance what is important and what is expected of them.

Our Partner

Case Study


#Femme Digitale Academy for Telefonica Germany

Program schedule
3 Months | 12 Participants

Recruiting | Job-Profile-Matching with Telefonica Kick Off Module: Self-management, team and meeting culture, presentation and communication skills, corporate structure and culture, conflict management Kick Out
The Impact
4 of the participants have received a job offer 2 successful permanent positions at Telefonica
Michael Geller

Operations & Strategy

We are experts on good stories and (hidden) talents. For more than 15 years, we have been advising and training managers, talents, teams and initiatives from business and politics using our own method. From Berlin to Brussels, from Kyiv and Warsaw to Ramallah and Beirut.

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